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I have been writing since a young age. After graduating as a literary translator, I travelled to Spain where I worked as a freelancer, mainly for Spanish newspaper El País. Later I joined theatre company Arte Livre and was on tour for three years with the play Olhares de Perfil (Sideways Glance) as a co-writer. The play won a Special Fringe First Award in Edinburgh Festival in 1988 and took part in international theatre festivals throughout Europe.

I moved to London in 1989 and produced and directed several documentaries with First Take while dedicating time to writing prose. I have written for both theatre and film and my works include both prose and poetry.

In 1999 I specialized in subtitling and worked as a Latin American Spanish subtitler for more than ten years. 

Since 2008 I have been working solely on literary work. The dystopian novel The Vatican Games is my fifth book of fiction and the first in English.

I have been living and working in Brighton since April 2009.

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