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Why did you write The Vatican Games?


When I started considering my next writing project, I was aware that the world was on the brink of big changes. At the time, I was reading Cosmos & Psyche by Richard Tarnas and was greatly inspired by his idea that “World views create worlds”. The understanding that we do have undisputable control over our future was very strong; that never in the history of humanity have we had so much power to save or destroy that same future.  The question that came to mind was ‘What could the consequences be?’ This book tries to imagine our near future and to answer this question.


What is exciting about the theme? 


The idea of the end of times has been around for centuries, based on cosmic cycles of creation, cosmological observation and Mayan numerology  points. A radical shift in global consciousness and cultural evolution has also been identified at this point in time. 

A recent poll shows that 15 per cent of the world population believe that the end of the world will happen in their lifetime. Whether you believe that or not, The Vatican Games has its own interpretation… You’ll have to read it to find out.


How factual are the technical details in the novel? 


All the technology in the book has been researched extensively to create a plausible reality. Things we can relate to or accept as a possibility. Some elements already exist in the realm of technology although they might not yet be out there commercially, and some are based on state of the art new technologies, which have been taken a step further with a bit of imagination. 



How did you come up with the ideas of a future world order?

I simply analysed the facts and ways of the world today. I looked around me, considered the trends and interpreted what we take for granted as everyday life with an outlook into the future. Most of my research was done through the press, articles on current affairs, politics and conflicts that lead to war.

It was not difficult to imagine a world a few decades ahead. We could easily go down that road.


Your characters are engaging, what’s special about them?

​Vera is a real world heroine, very much like present-day women, who “save the world” without making a fuss or getting proper recognition and most definitely without even knowing they are!

I like my characters to be ambiguous within their own recognisable traits and beliefs. They are what real human beings are all about. Flawed, in spite of their good intentions or attractive, in spite of their vile goals.


Will there be a sequel?
Most definitely, there is a sequel brewing. But readers will be the ones to let me know if they want a sequel or not. There is plenty more to come from The Vatican Games. Some has already been written in my head.  Putting it on paper is just a matter of time.
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