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Disturbing comparison of the apocalyptic prediction in The Vatican Games to the Coronavirus outbreak

Noor the book worm has made an uncanny comparison in her review of #thevaticangames


#qotd How does news like Coronavirus Outbreak, disasters like earthquakes, cyclones, tsunami etc annihilating a large chunk of the population, make you feel? #qotd Have you watched the movie “2012”?WHAT IF all these feelings get clubbed with an awesome Sci-Fi book? Welcome to #thevaticangames

Genre: SCIENCE FICTION/ DYSTOPIAN FANTASY.Please read the #blurb.The VATICAN CITY is the smallest country in the world, a city-state surrounded by Rome (Italy) and is the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. The story forms a delicate connection between religion and technology. It talks about faith..of the Bible..from the beginning to the end, it is governed by the FEAR of sin, punishment and the sentence in hell. The Title carries the word “GAMES” referring a world where the protagonist Vera has to win a game to save the world. She is referred to as the female “David”. The Biblical Story Of David And Goliath is a well known parable often referenced as a moral lesson of how underdogs can overcome the odds and be successful.

The STORY LINE is well constructed, NARRATION is detailed and the plot well researched. It talks about environmental destruction, nuclear disaster, government control, religion, technology, of survival..loss of individualism..The STORY BEGINS with the birth of Vera in an APOCALYPTIC (describing the complete destruction of the world), DYSTOPIA (depicts an individual fighting against oppression or a group of people coping collectively as a society with the dehumanised conditions). As a genre, APOCALYPTIC LITERATURE details the author’s visions of the end time as revealed by an angel or other heavenly messenger. Is it payback time? The world will not be the same.

It is a beautiful story of belief, motherhood, faith and survival. A SPECULATIVE Eco-feminist Novel published by Clink Street Publishing on 30th Jan.2020; it is 242 pages/ 10 chapters of an exhilarating experience. It’s the 5th book of fiction and 1st in English, by the author. The Mayan predicted cataclysmic events. The Vatican Games is a dystopian fantasy of the near future. This could be the world that awaits us! WORLD VIEWS CREATE WORLDS.

The MESSAGE the author wants to get across: 'We could now be on the verge of our own destruction and our ways with the world need to change for the better' She says: 'Showing view points and concepts that might help change reality for the better is paramount to my writing, whilst somehow moving or touching the reader is my ultimate goal'.

The book gave me goosebumps but the end gave me a feeling of calmness, reassuring, that with faith and cooperation, the world order can be restored.


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